Gradus Reason

Steps to learning Reason OCaml

Why Reason?

As a strongly typed functional language, Reason can decrease the number of tests needed to maintain correctness over the lifetime of the program.  Tests explain you what remember about your program; types tell you what you forgot.

OCaml Rigor

Reason is OCaml. It compiles to a fast native executable, and yet (unlike C or C++) is garbage collected, making it easier to write bug-free code. Using MirageOS you can compile your program down to a minimal operating system that runs on bare metal.

JavaScript Community

As language that can both use and compile to human-readable Javascript, Reason lets you leverage the npm ecosystem into into higher performance, correctness and portability outside of the node runtime.

About Gradus Reason

What is this site?

This site is a collection of steps for learning and using Reason. The steps give practical examples that go beyond the core Reason Guide.

What does Gradus Reason mean?

Gradus is the latin word for "Steps." Many of the earliest textbooks were titled Gradus ad Parnassum, or "steps to Parnassus," a mountain region in Greece. These books provided a way for scholars to gradually learn how to write Greek and Latin verse.

I'm learning Reason! May I contribute content?

Please do! This project was started with the intention of helping the community document examples of how to do basic, useful things with Reason. Please submit a pull request to the github repo.